November 8, 2023

Episode 17 | Brock Beeson of Bill

Brock Beeson from Bill joins Host Peter Stevenson and Co-Host Alysha Smith of a8ency of modern8 to talk about joining Divvy early on, what it took to build the brand and product in tandem and what life is like working for Bill after the acquisition.


Hi, I’m Brock Beeson. I’m a designer based in Utah with experience in both product and brand design. I’ve gotten to do work with companies both large and small, and really love getting to wear lots of hats on the design side. A huge chunk of my career I was able to help build a startup from the very beginning and through an acquisition. Outside of design work I love spending time with my wife and 4 daughters, skiing, golfing, and hiking, so Utah is kind of the perfect place for us to call home.


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