November 21, 2023

Episode 18 | Jacklyn Briggs of Utah City

Jacklyn Briggs from Utah City joins Host Peter Stevenson and Co-Host Alysha Smith of a8ency of modern8 to talk about what makes a great event, starting the Utah Beer Festival while at CityWeekly, and what is it like marketing Utah City and getting a chance to have input on making that new development better.


Currently the Director of Marketing for Utah City, the innovative new master-planned community in Utah County rooted in century-old principles that prioritize walkability, connectivity and quality architecture.

 I have a rich background in event marketing, planning, executing and overseeing thousands of events throughout my career. The best part of being a marketer is that the more I live a full life the better marketer I become. I love travel, art, food, and music, and all of that funnels into what I get to do every day.


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